Vintage wedding themes (and there are a lot to choose from!) can easily add a touch of style and uniqueness to your special day. But did you also know that by choosing your vintage wedding theme wisely you could even save yourself some money? In this blog post I outline some vintage wedding themes based on various decades and highlight where you could potentially save yourself some pennies. If you’re looking for something to really splash out on for your wedding day, then I also have some ideas for where you can reinvest your savings!


The 1920s are all about the glitz and the glam. But that doesn’t mean a 1920s themed wedding has to be expensive.  The ’20s saw the birth of the jazz age and cocktails, particularly gin, were all the rage. Embrace this time by opting for a ceremony starting later in the day, say 4pm or later, and ditch the sit-down wedding breakfast for a cocktail and canape reception. Switch the cake for a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit and marshmallows. Yum!

Biggest savings: Food and cake

Splash out: Choose a city hotel location with great views over the skyline!




The 1930s and 1940s were obviously severely impacted by World War II. However, that doesn’t mean you have to rule them out as potential wedding themes. The war years saw brides having to be increasingly inventive and creative as they planned weddings against the backdrop of rationing for both food and clothes. Embrace the spirit of the time by hiring a local village or community hall, decorating with homemade paper decorations and setting out buffet style food. War time brides had to forgo fancily decorated wedding cakes due to the rationing on sugar so opt for a naked wedding cake scattered with some fresh fruit.

Biggest savings: Venue, food and decorations

Splash out: Hire a vintage style singing group to dance the night away to!




The 1950s was a decade of change. Out went the old ways and in came bigger, brighter and unique ways of doing things. Blend the best of old and new from this era by having an afternoon tea style wedding breakfast with a cupcake wedding cake. Ditch expensive real flowers and go for quirky bouquets made from paper, buttons, brooches etc. Decorate tables with jam jars or milk bottles containing a single flower. In the evening embrace the rock n’ roll era by hiring a vintage style jukebox rather than a band.

Biggest savings: Flowers and music

Splash out: Choose a killer pair of shoes! They will be on show all day. Go for something you will wear again after the wedding to make them extra special.



The swinging 60s were full of vibrant colours and patterns. Use this to your advantage by going for a ‘mix-and-match’ theme for your wedding. Scour charity shops and attics for vintage jackets and ties for the men in the wedding rather than hiring suits. Cover tables with assorted PVC cloths in bright patterns. Make your own favours and wedding gifts by wrapping brightly colored sweets in cellophane bags. Top it all off by using vintage records as centerpieces.

Biggest savings: Suits, gifts, decorations

Splash out: Hire a vintage style bus to transport your guests around!




The 1970s are defined by the boho vibe. Flowing dresses, floral headdresses and ethnic jewellery abounded. This rustic, boho look would suit an outdoor themed wedding perfectly. As the 1970s were not that long ago, it is possible to find a vintage 1970s wedding dress in very good condition, allowing you to save a lot of money! Go for a natural look with the hair and make-up and save money by doing these yourself. Swap a veil for a floral headband.

Biggest savings: Dress, hair and make-up

Splash out: Hire some vintage fair stalls and have your own private fun fair!

vintage stalls


Have you planned a vintage style wedding? What money saving tips do you have to share??

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