I’m very excited to welcome Dannii to The Recycled Wedding company with this guest blog post showing us how you can do your own wedding day make-up without having to spend a fortune. I think we can all agree that the end result is gorgeous and worthy of your special day!

Wedding day make-up tutorial

The internet is better than ever for DIY. Pinterest and YouTube are rife with every make-up tutorial you could ever wish for; from how to line your lips, to contouring, brows and lashes, to the most basic everyday eyeshadow tips. Everyone can achieve professional and long lasting make-up without breaking the bank on your big day.

I did my own wedding make up three and a half years ago and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Make-up artists are fantastic, don’t get me wrong, and if you can afford to splurge out on a decent one it would alleviate some pressure on the big day.

However, the trials I had came to over £100 (that’s without the main event!) and neither make-up artist could get my base or eyebrows how I like them. I’m going to show you how you can achieve a gorgeous make up look yourself. Not only will this save you a lot of precious money, it’s simple too!

Money Saving Tips Before You Start:

* Go into your local John Lewis or Debenhams and tell the people on the beauty desk that you will be doing your own wedding make-up and want to trial some products to buy. 9 times out of 10 they will offer you tester pots for high -nd foundation brands or lip colours, which is all you need for a couple of applications!

* Do the same with perfume samples. You can go into a store and ask for samples of the really expensive brands.

* Individual lashes are easier to apply and sometimes cheaper and longer lasting than strip lashes. With strip lashes, you can bet your bottom dollar that the inner corners will be pinging up before you can say “I do”. Individuals are easier to apply and look more natural. Plus you can layer them depending on how full you want them.

* Forget the expensive setting sprays, use a light spritz of hair spray to fix your make up in place.

The Preparation

It’s really important that you prep your face well to ensure your make-up will stay fresh and last.

Moisturise – Any moisturiser will do, this just ensures your face won’t dry or flake throughout the day.

Apply primer – Primer is essential if you want longer lasting make up.


The Base
Foundation – Try to use a foundation that contains no SPF. SPF is known to flash back with flash photography (a ghostly white cast across your face giving the illusion that your face is much paler than the rest of you!). Not a great look for wedding photographs.

Concealer – Use this to cover blemishes and under eyes to brighten the area. It can also be used to highlight down the bridge of your nose.

Setting powder – This is recommended to set the base in place but be warned, it can accentuate fine lines so I prefer to skip this step!

Bronzer – Use bronzer on a large brush in two ‘3’ shapes either side of your face.

Contour & Highlight

Contour – This will give your face some dimension and shape your cheekbones.

Highlighter – You don’t want to go overboard with the highlighter, just a subtle hint will be enough to ensure you look dewy and not shiny! I apply highlighter on my cheekbones, the tip of my nose and my cupid’s bow.


This totally depends on your preference. I have gone for a very subtle smokey eye, I wanted to soften the eyeliner so just black eyeshadow on a lip brush just at the base of my lashes instead to create a more natural look.


I used individual false lashes:


And waterproof mascara, of course!



Liquid lipstick is one of the most long wearing lip products on the market. BUT, it’s absolutely essential you apply a thin layer of lip balm beforehand to stop your lips drying out and ensure it will last long enough before needing a top up.



As I said above, if you already own a fixing spray then apply liberally all over your face. If you don’t, there really is no need to fork out, just spritz a little hairspray at arms length to hold your make up in place.


The finished look


I hope you found this tutorial helpful. All of the products I used were affordable, drugstore items.

If you are a bride to be and will be doing your own make up, practice and experiment! Take photos of your attempts to refer back to when you recreate and don’t forget to pick up some free samples. Most importantly, have the most magical and beautiful day!

Love, Dannii

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